New certificates and courses coming soon!

For the fourth straight year, Queen's Arts and Science Online has been awarded funding to develop new courses and programs through the the Ontario Online Learning Consortium, an initiative through the Ontario government to drive new, high quality online learning opportunities across the province.

Over the past several years, Queen’s University and Arts and Science Online have enjoyed much success from the establishment of the Shared Online Course Fund (ShOCF), winning more funding opportunities than any other Ontario university. Proposals were rated on the quality—in terms of online course design, effective teaching strategies and ability of the university to support instructors and students in online learning.

In 2017, funding was granted for the following programs and projects, which will be developed over the next two years:

1. Five fully online certificate programs (consisting of 19 new online courses) in these strategic areas:

  • Advanced research skills 
  • Employment relations 
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Global action and engagement 
  • French for professionals 

2. Three online courses for the professional Master’s program in Earth and Energy Resources Leadership.

3. Two collaborative research and innovation projects:

  • A Multidisciplinary Team-Based Model and Resources for Faculty Support (led by Brenda Ravenscroft)
  • Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education: Recruiting Future Adult and International Students to Ontario's Online Programs (led by Sidneyeve Matrix).