Tool Overview:

FeedbackFruits is a suite of pedagogical tools that are designed to help engage students in their learning. 
Peer Review - Streamlines formative and summative assessment with flexible peer feedback criteria and self-reflection.
Group Member Evaluation - Streamlines how students assess their peers’ collaboration skills, based on teacher-designed criteria.Interactive Document - Enhances learner-content interaction and engagement by enabling teachers to add in-line questions and discussion points to documents.

Queen's Security Assessment completed: Yes


  • Offers different tools to support peer feedback, assignments, discussions, and other interactive learning activities Intuitive design in all tools


  • Does not offer the ability to grade student reviews

This tool is available to: Available to Queen's

This tool can be integrated with: LMS Integration

Gradebook Integration: Yes
Gradebook can be exported: Yes
Classlist full integration with onQ: Yes
Class roster and groups need to be updated manually if onQ changes: No

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