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Liayana Jondy


Liayana Jondy completed a BA at the University of Toronto, where she developed a love for English Literature. She now studies at Queen’s University with a keen interest in Victorian Animal Studies, namely studies related to animals in and outside of the Victorian home and the ideological shifts occurring within the 19th century with regards to animal rights and well-being. 

The broad scope of her dissertation, titled "Labourer, Food, or Pet: Representations of Non-Human Animals in Victorian Literature," seeks to define the significance of non-human animals, namely working animals, in Victorian realist narratives in order to argue that the non-human animal must be read literally, rather than symbolically.

Research Interests

Victorian literature, Animal Studies, Environmental literature, Eco-horror, Animal Horror Movies, Animal Autobiographies

Selected Publications

[Accepted] "'I can control them! I made them that way!': Altered Animals in Twentieth Century Animal B-Horror Movies," Altered Animals: Posthumanism and Technology in 20th and 21st Century Discourses and Narratives, edited by Monica Sousa and Jerika Sanderson.

[Accepted] "'It's a Brand New Day': Monstrous Others, Environmental Horror, and Eco-Hope in Iwamune Haruo's Usuzumi no Hate," Eco-Horrors: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health and Environmental Anxieties in Media and Culture, edited by Lorna Piatti-Farnell.

[Forthcoming] "(Re)imagining the Animal: Edith Carrington's Political and Literary Acitivist Works," Women Who Write Animals: Animal Alterities and their Creators in Anglophone Literature, edited by Lorraine Kerslake and Diana Villanueva.

Jondy, Liayana. Review of Soundworks: Race, Sound, and Poetry in Production, by Anthony Reed. The Black Scholar: Black Archival Practice I, 2022, p. 84-85. 

Jondy, Liayana. "The Different Functions of Nonsense within Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Winnie-the-Pooh." With Caffeine and Careful Thought 5 (2019): 53-61.

Graduate Supervision
Additional Information


"The Animal Speaks: Edith Carrington's Literary and Activist Writing on Animals," Silenced Voices and Erased Agencies in Victorian Life and Fiction. VPFA Study Day, 2024.

"The Animal Speaks: Edith Carrington's Literary and Activist Writing on Animals," Victorian Nature and Artifice. Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada (VSAWC), 2024.

"(Re)engaging with the Nonhuman 'Other': Eco-horror and Ecophobia," Re-Imagining the Victorians. ENGL859 Conference, 2024.

  • Role: Co-Organizer & Moderator

"Representation of Animal Bodies and the More-than-Human World," Legal Bodies, Embodied Subjects: (Re)contextualisations of Physicality. Young Scholars' Conference, 2024. 

  • Role: Panel Organizer & Presenter

"Animal Kinship as an Expression of Noncompliance to Heteronormativity in A Child of the Jago," Animals of the Victorian Age: Queer Ecology and the Emphasis on Animal Kinship. Northeastern Modern Language Association (NeMLA), 2024.

"Looking for the Animal in Arthur Morrison's Realist Novel A Child of the Jago," Victorian Recollections, Revolutions, and Realities. Carroll University, online, 2023.

"Voyaging to Far Reaches of the World: Non-Human Animal Bodies in Eighteenth Century Periodicals," Queen's Graduate Conference in Literature (QGCL). Queen's University, hybrid event, 2023. 

"Looking for the Animal in Arthur Morrison's Realist Novel A Child of the Jago," Victorians and Animal Welfare: The Transnational Network in Literature, Culture and Intellectual Thought. Belcher Colloquium, St. Hugh's College, 2023. 

"Voyaging to Far Reaches of the World: Non-Human Animal Bodies in Eighteenth Century Periodicals," Destinations and Departures. Dalhousie University, online, 2022. 

Areas of Study
Ecocriticism and Animal Studies

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