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Sabrina Zacharias

Research Interests

Nineteenth Century Literature and Culture (Specific interest in the Victorian); The Victorian Gothic; Identity construction and marginalized identities (Race; Disability; Gender; LGBTQ2S+); Class Dynamics; Neo-Victorian and Neo-Victorian Gothic Literature; Contemporary Reception of the Victorian Period; Reconstructions/Disruptions of identity in Contemporary fiction (Primarily marginalized identities)


Selected Publications

Guest Lectures

1. Jekyll & Hyde: Degeneration and Slumming
ENGL 200: History of Literature in English
February 6, 2023

2. Neo-Victorian Video Games
ENGL-365: 19th Century British Literature
Queen’s University
February 3, 2023

3. "Who's Taylor Swift Anyways?": Taylor Swift's Performance of Identity
ENGL-294: Taylor Swift's Literary Legacy
November 7, 2022

Conference Presentations

1. (Re)Writing the Victorians: Neo-Victorian Fiction Performing as History.
VSAWC 2023: ReMaking the Victorians, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 2023.

2. Unsettling Colonial Narratives: Indigenous Gothic Comics.
NAVSA 2020: Unsettling Victorians (Postponed due to COVID-19) Vancouver, Canada. 2022.
Presented Virtually.

3. From the “Hapless Woman” to the “Great Reserve”: Women’s Educational Reform in Social Fiction.
Victorian Pasts, Presents, and Futures, Waukesha, United States of America. 2021. Presented Virtually.

4. The Ethics of Constructing the Historical Narrative: White’s Historian in the Digital RPG Dragon Age: 2.
University of Regina: Trash Talkin' (Cancelled due to COVID-19), Regina, Canada. 2019.

5. The Use of the Gothic in Indigenous Comics. 
One Book University of Winnipeg Final Symposium, Winnipeg, Canada. 2019.


1. “Manga, Sexuality, and Class: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.” ed. Simon Bacon. The Palgrave Handbook of the Vampire. Springer Nature.

2. “The Indigenous Gothic in Comics: Unsettling the Colonial Spectre.” ed. Naomi Borwein. Global Indigenous Horror. University Press of Mississippi. Forthcoming.

Journal Articles

1. "Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles: Tragedy, Sacrifice and the Fallen Woman." Edited by Dr. Peter J. Miller. Crossings Vol. 4.

Online Resources

1. Co-Author. S. Brooke Cameron and Sabrina Zacharias. Introduction to the Gothic via the neo-Victorian video game, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. (2022).

2. Co-Author. S. Brooke Cameron and Sabrina Zacharias. The Big Three schools of the 19thC Gothic. (2022).

3. Co-Author. S. Brooke Cameron and Sabrina Zacharias. The Class and Gender Politics of Terror vs Horror. (2022).

4. Co-Author. S. Brooke Cameron and Sabrina Zacharias. The Term, “Gothic”. (2022).

5. Sabrina Zacharias “Sixkiller, Comics, and Indigenous Resistance.” (2022).

6. Sabrina Zacharias. "Peggy": Engaging with Indigenous Identity and Culture through Colour. (2019).

Graduate Supervision

Department of English, Queen's University

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