Anna Majury

Adjunct Professor

Public Health Ontario Labs - Eastern Ontario and Queen's University

Anna Majury

Contact Information
Phone: 613-548-6630 x129



Anna Majury with a horse

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Dr. Majury has a long history of public health and infectious disease practice having trained and worked as a Veterinarian and with specialized training in Veterinary Infectious Diseases. She also attained her PhD at Queen’s prior to completing her (human) medical microbiology residency training in Toronto after which she joined Public Health Ontario in 2000. Currently the majority of her work is focused in environmental health and microbiology with a focus on water in the context of Indigenous and rural and remote communities and on public health intervention and policy.  Her research approaches  issues  a holistically, with a public health/population lens and works towards knowledge generation, translation and problem solving in real time. 

Outside of work, Anna pursues her artistic side, primarily through painting and fabric arts, and her love of the outdoors through ventures such as kayaking and backcountry camping. She is also a lover of horses, and rides competitively.  Finally, she is a strong animal ethics advocate and works through various channels to support both the ethical treatment and employment of non-human animals by humans