Undergraduate Program Overview

Undergraduate Programs in the School of Environmental Studies are interdisciplinary, spanning sciences, social sciences and humanities. The school is committed to excellence in undergraduate teaching and learning, ensuring that students are well equipped with foundational and applied environmental knowledge and skills. The school highlights inquiry-based and community-engaged learning throughout its curriculum and offers students hand-on experiences in exploring environmental issues and addressing environmental challenges.

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Environmental Studies helps you see the world in a variety of perspectives you may not have considered before, and you become able to make connections between fields of study and different ideologies.
Jennifer Jang
It’s exciting that we have the opportunity to do real-world environmental consulting work and are supported by our professors to excel in this project.
Makenzie MacKay
The School of Environmental Studies allowed me to pursue my dream of working on environmental issues the world is facing today as well as specializing my degree in a subject I love.
PJ Garret


Students at a marsh

Our graduates have entered careers in Academia and Professional Practice in Government and Non-government areas such as:

  • Environmental Protection – water quality
  • Conservation & Preservation of Natural Resources- Forestry, Energy, Natural Resources Management
  • Environmental Sustainability – Education, Communication & Public Awareness, Sustainable Development Management, Policy & Legislation

Check out our student profiles to see what some of our students have done with their experiences in the School of Environmental Studies.


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