Awards & Scholarships - Undergraduates

Below is a list of awards/scholarships available to undergraduate students in the School of Environmental Studies. 

Additional Scholarship and Awards available to Queen's students are listed on the Registrar & Financial Aid Services website.

A medal is awarded annually by the University to the candidate graduating with an honours degree with A standing who is deemed by a Department of the Faculty of Arts & Science to have achieved the highest standing in a concentration offered by that Department. A Department may nominate only one candidate for a medal. In addition, medals may be awarded to up to five students annually who are graduating with honours degrees with A standing in programs with special field concentrations, combined medial concentrations, etc. Nominations for these five additional medals are to be made by the Departments concerned to the Awards Committee who will make recommendations to the Committee of Departments.

Established by the School of Environmental Studies from donations and school funds and awarded on the recommendation of the School to a student admitted to Honours in the Environmental Studies program exhibiting academic distinction. Approx. value $1,000.

Established by Students Taking Responsible Initiatives for a Viable Environment (STRIVE) and awarded to any undergraduate student at Queen’s who combines environmental volunteer work with academic achievement. Consideration will be given to students who have achieved an overall average of at least 75 per cent who participated in extra curricular activities that benefit the Queen’s Community. These activities should be related to the visibility, education and the promotion of awareness of environmental issues. The successful candidates will be selected by a committee made up of a STRIVE member, a faculty member from the School of Environmental Studies, and the Associate University Registrar (Student Awards) or delegate. To apply, submit a letter of application, resume, and no more than three letters of reference to the Associate University Registrar (Student Awards) by 1 February. Candidates can also be nominated and must provide the same information. To apply please submit an Awards with Separate Application form.

Established in December 2008 by current and former members of the Board of Trustees and University Council together with friends of Chancellor Emeritus A. Charles Baillie and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to students entering fourth year of any undergraduate degree program in the School of Environmental Studies. Preference will be given to students pursuing research in arctic or environmental research. Approx. value $2,400.