Graduate Studies in the School of Environmental Studies

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The Environmental Studies program at Queen’s University provides graduate-level training in the field of environmental sustainability by practicing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the long term nature and impacts of environmental change, the connections between today’s decisions and tomorrow’s welfare, and the strong dependence of human well-being on environmental quality.


We encourage applicants from all disciplinary backgrounds to identify an area of research interest and contact faculty members as part of the application process. Let us know if you have spoken to a Faculty member so we can circulate your application documents.

Visit our research page to learn more about the major departmental research areas.


Our graduates have entered careers in Academia and Professional Practice in Government and Non-government areas such as:

  • Environmental Protection – water quality
  • Conservation & Preservation of Natural Resources- Forestry, Energy, Natural Resources Management
  • Environmental Sustainability – Education, Communication & Public Awareness, Sustainable Development Management, Policy & Legislation

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It is a big decision to return to school. The School of Environmental Studies is incredibly supportive, and we’re fortunate to have access to academics across a wide range of disciplines.
- Joanne Linnay, MES 2013
I have a passion. I love being in environmental studies. The program just matched with what I wanted.
- Floxy Akhuetie, MES 2013
The academic environment is excellent. The faculty is supportive, and the students are really friendly.
- Atanu Sarkar, MES 2010