Research Day

Environmental Studies Research Day

Research Day is an opportunity to showcase of the work our Graduate Students are doing. 


  • First year MES students do a short presentation (usually 5 minutes) of what they plan to do
  • Second year MES present their work in a poster with a 2-3min summary of the work
  • PhD students present their proposed work in a 3-Minute-Thesis Format

Resources and Examples

Good Platform Presentation Examples

First Year MES:  Click on the links for handouts of the Powerpoint Presentations.

These examples are handouts made from the Powerpoint slide presentations. I saved the presentations this way because they are smaller and perhaps easier to follow when you are deciding how to design yours.

You should prepare a presentation that we can load to a laptop so it is ready to go when your turn comes up.  Don't turn yours into handouts.

These are good examples for this type of presentation.

Good Poster Examples

Second Year MES: Click on the links for good examples of Poster Presentations.

Designed your poster on a 48" x 36" slide in Powerpoint.  You set your slide size to the poster size you want so scaling is not a problem. The Research Day organizing committee will tell you when it needs to be ready.

3MT Examples for PhDs: Click on the following links for some helpful tips and examples:

Contact Colin if you have questions!

Did You Know?

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