Faculty and Staff

Below is a list of full time faculty members within the School of Environmental Studies. Click on their names to view more information about each person including their area(s) of research. For students who are interested in seeking a supervisor, please directly contact each faculty member using the provided contact information. 

Name Field of Study Cognate Department Email

Brown, Stephen

(Undergraduate Chair)

Environmental Chemistry Chemistry browns@chem.queensu.ca

Danby, Ryan

Ecosystem Change and Biodiversity Conservation Geography and Planning ryan.danby@queensu.ca

Goebel, Allison

Environmental Justice; Women Health & Environment;
Local Food Issues/Movements;
Gender, Environment & Development in Africa

Hird, Myra

Interdisciplinary Environmental Research;
Waste Flow; Knowledge Mobilization

Hodson, Peter

Fish Toxicology Biology peter.hodson@queensu.ca

Jamieson, Heather

Environmental Geochemistry Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering jamieson@queensu.ca

Liss, Steven

Environmental Biotechnology, Microbial Processes and Structures,
Water and Wastewater Resource Management and Fate of Emerging Contaminants

Chemical Engineering steven.liss@queensu.ca
Lowitt, Kristen

Sustainable food systems, Food sovereignty, Small-scale fisheries,
Natural resource governance, Community development


Orihel, Diane

Freshwater Ecosystems Biology diane.orihel@queensu.ca

Smith, Mick
(Graduate Chair)

Environmental Philosophy Philosophy michael.smith@queensu.ca

Tienhaara, Kyla

Economy and Environment Global Development Studies kyla.tienhaara@queensu.ca

Whitelaw, Graham

Environmental Assessment and Land Use Planning Geography and Planning graham.whitelaw@queensu.ca

Winn, Louise

Fetal Toxicity Biomedical & Molecular Sciences winnl@queensu.ca

Below is a list of cross-appointed faculty members within the School of Environmental Studies. Click on their names to view more information about each person including their area(s) of research. For students who are interested in seeking a supervisor, note that only those marked with * will supervise or advise ENSC Graduate students at this time.  Please contact each faculty member using the provided contact information.

Name Department Email Phone *

Aronson, Kristan J. 

Public Health Services aronson@queensu.ca 613.533.6000 ext. 74953 or 78522  *

Castleden, Heather

Geography & Planning Heather.Castleden@queensu.ca 613.533.6000 ext. 77216  

Chen, Dongmei

Geography & Planning chendm@queensu.ca 613.533.6045 *
Cordoba, Diana Global Development Studies diana.cordoba@queensu.ca 613.533.6000 ext. 78622  

Cumming, Brian

Biology cummingb@queensu.ca 613.533.6153 *
Epprecht, Marc Global Development Studies epprecht@queensu.ca 613.533.6000 ext. 78248  

Friesen, Vicki

Biology vlf@queensu.ca 613.533.6156  

Lougheed, Stephen

Biology steve.lougheed@queensu.ca 613.533.6128  

Mabee, Warren

Geography & Planning warren.mabee@queensu.ca 613.533.6000 ext. 77092 *

Masuda, Jeffrey

School of Kinesiology & Health Studies jeff.masuda@queensu.ca  613.533.6000 ext. 77560  

McDonald, David A.

Global Development Studies dm23@queensu.ca 613.533.6962 *

Smol, John P.  

Biology smolj@queensu.ca 613.533.6147; Lab: 613.533.6193  

Taylor, Marcus

Global Development Studies marcus.taylor@queensu.ca 613 533-6000 ext. 77655 *

Upitis, Rena

Faculty of Education upitisr@queensu.ca 613 533-6000 ext. 36212  

Vlachopoulos, Nicholas

RMC, Civil Engineering vlachopoulos-n@rmc.ca 613-541-6000 x6398 *

Wallace, Molly

English wallacem@queensu.ca 613.533.6000 ext. 74421  

Wang, Yuxiang

Biology yuxiangw@queensu.ca 613.533.6134 *

Zeeb, Barbara

RMC, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering zeeb-b@rmc.ca 613-541-6000 x6713 *

Zeman, Frank

RMC, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering frank.zeman@rmc.ca 613.541.6000 ext. 7147

Below is a list of adjunct faculty members within the School of Environmental Studies. Click on their names to view more information about each person including their area(s) of research. For students who are interested in seeking a supervisor or advisor in the ENSC Graduate program, please note that only faculty marked with * will accept graduate students.

Please contact them directly using the provided contact information. Faculty members not marked with * are not willing to act as primary supervisor and do not wish to be contacted.

Name Email Details Phone *

Andrew, John

john.andrew@queensu.ca Queen's University, Department of Geography & Planning 613-533-2958  

Clark, Douglas

d.clark@usask.ca School of Environment & Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan 306-966-5405  
Fenech, Adam afenech@upei.ca Associate Dean, School of Climate Change and Adaptation
Associate Professor, University of Prince Edward Island

Ford, James


Priestley International Centre for Climate, University of Leeds


Hall, Geof

gh26@queensu.ca Queen's University, Department of Civil Engineering, Beaty Water Research Centre 613-533-3412  

Harrison, Anna


Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering    

Hovorka, Alice

ahovorka@yorku.ca Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University    

Hynds, Paul

hyndsp@tcd.ie School of Food Science and Environmental Health, College of Sciences and Health, Dublin Institute of Technology +353 (0)83 8256888  

Kirk, Jane

jane.kirk@canada.ca Environment Canada 905-336-4712  
Kuyek, Joan joankuyek@sympatico.ca      

Langlois, Valerie


Institut national de la recherche scientifique INRS - Centre Eau Terre Environnement, Quebec City

Levkoe, Charles clevkoe@lakeheadu.ca Canada Research Chair in Equitable and Sustainable Food Systems, Lakehead University 807-343-8010 X7654  

Madison, Barry

barry.madison@queensu.ca Queen's University, Department of Biology    

Majury, Anna

anna.majury@oahpp.ca Public Health Ontario Labs - Eastern Ontario and Queen's University 613-548-6630 x129 *

McCarthy, Dan

dmccarthy@uwaterloo.ca Dept of Environment & Resource Studies, University of Waterloo 519-888-4567 x33065 *

Moore, Steven

smoore@business.queensu.ca Queen's University, Smith School of Business 613-533-6000 x78162  

Ortiz, Xavier

xavier.ortiz@ontario.ca Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change    

Parizeau, Kate

kate.parizeau@uoguelph.ca Geography, Environment and Geomatics, University of Guelph    

Pearce, Tristan

tpearce@usc.edu.au Sustainability Research Centre, U of the Sunshine Coast, Australia +61 7 5456 5811  

Poland, John

poland@queensu.ca School of Environmental Studies Analytical Services Unit ASU, Emeritus Professor 613-533-6000 x77866  

Ridal, Jeffrey

jridal@riverinstitute.ca St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences SLRIES    

Rutter, Allison

ruttera@queensu.ca School of Environmental Studies Analytical Services Unit ASU 613-533-2642 *

St. George, Scott

stgeorge@umn.edu University of Minnesota    

Skordaki, Maria

skordaki@rmc.ca Royal Military College    

Stewart, Kathryn

stewart.a.kat@gmail.com University of Amsterdam    

van Loon, Gary 

vanloon@chem.queensu.ca Chemistry, Emeritus Professor 613-533-2633 *

Viswanathan, Leela

  Viswali Consulting 613-929-1659  

Welbourn, Pamela

rpwelbourn@cogeco.ca Retired from University of Toronto    
White, Amanda amanda.white@queensu.ca  Adjunct Instructor, Queens and University of Toronto    

Title Name Contact
Administrative/Undergraduate Assistant

Depew, Karen

Biosciences Complex, Room 3134
Phone: 613-533-6000 Ext. 74298
Email: karen.depew@queensu.ca
School Administrator

Khan, Colin

Biosciences Complex, Room 3132
Phone:  613-533-6000 Ext. 77531 
Email: khanc@queensu.ca