Adrian Pang

Adrian Pang

Assistant Professor

School of Environmental Studies

Arts and Science

Academic Training

  • PDF, Royal Military College of Canada (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry)
  • PhD, Queen’s University (Environmental Studies)
  • B.Sc, University of Waterloo (Honours Biomedical Sciences)

Research Interests

  • Effects assessment of anthropogenic contaminants on terrestrial and aquatic organisms through the use of conventional and novel methods
  • Investigation of novel methods to remediate contaminated sites
  • Exploration of links between toxic effects at the molecular and individual level to help develop high-throughput toxicity test methods

Recent Publications

Pang A, Nicol AM, Rutter A, Zeeb B (2023a) Improved methods for quantifying soil invertebrates during ecotoxicological tests: Chill comas and anesthetics. Heliyon 9:e12850.

Pang A, Rutter A, Bordenave S, et al (2022) Assessment of the toxicity of weathered petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils to native plants from a site in the Canadian Subarctic. Ecotoxicology 31:1287–1298.

Pang A, Rutter A, Gainer A, et al (2023b) Assessment of heavily weathered petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted soils to native soil invertebrates from a Canadian subarctic site. J Soils Sediments 23:2096–2105.

Pang A, Rutter A, Haack E, Zeeb B (2023c) Transcriptome analysis of a springtail, Folsomia candida, reveals energy constraint and oxidative stress during petroleum hydrocarbon exposure. Chemosphere 342:140185.