Programs Overview

Graduate Programs Overview

PhD in Environmental Studies

Mandate: to provide outstanding graduate training at the doctoral level in sustainability & sustainable practices, facilitating interdisciplinarity across Queen’s faculties.  Degree Level Expectations and Learning Outcomes (PDF, 98KB). The objectives of this program will be achieved by a combination of courses, independent research, seminars, readings, a comprehensive examination and a thesis.  (48 months)

Master's of Environmental Studies (MES)

The MES program at Queen's University provides graduate level training in the field of Environmental Sustainability by practicing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the long-term nature and impacts of environmental change, the connections between today's decisions and tomorrow's welfare, and the strong dependence of human well-being on environmental quality.  Degree Level Expectations and Learning Outcomes (PDF, 98KB)

The MES program meets a growing student demand for post-graduate training relevant to environmental careers in industry, government, and non-governmental organizations. It responds to a very strong market in Canada for professionals with environmentally related skills (Environmental Careers Organization). 

Research-based Master's

This program follows the traditional sequence of graduate training. Four half-credit courses, the challenge of original research culminating in a thesis, and a formal defense are required (24 months).

Course-based Master's

This program emphasizes the development of conceptual thinking and analytical and interpretive skills. Requirements involve six half-credit courses and a library-based interdisciplinary project or paper (16-20 months).

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