Geof Hall

Continuing Assistant Professor

Geof Hall photoContact Information

Mailing Address:
School of Environmental Studies
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada,
K7L 3N6


Video:  Virtual Reality - River Assessment demo
Video: ENSC 407 (Global Water Resources) Field Trip 


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Academic Training

BScH Biology, Queen’s University

Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Queen’s University


My research interests span a number of themes:

  1. Surface and groundwater quality and movement.  This research area includes surface and groundwater quality, including microbial biomes and their role in natural and engineered systems.  Within this theme I also investigate and model the movement of water resources and water quality fluxes throughout watersheds.  This research area integrates biogeophysical data with land cover and land use patterns.
  2. Naturalized Treatment Systems.  This research area includes investigations into the use of naturalized and passive engineered treatment systems for wastewater.  These include the biological and chemical dynamics of wastewater stabilization ponds, as well as the use of constructed wetlands to enhance overall treatment performance.
  3. Environmental Determinants of Health.  I am actively investigating approaches to the assessment of environmental and social factors impacting human health at the individual and community levels.  This research occurs under a socioeconomic lens in order to further understand the role of socioeconomic status on health outcome risks associated with environmental exposure.

Finally, although not a main theme of research, I have strong interests in agriculture and sustainable food systems.  These interests occasionally intersect with my research and teaching.


I teach a number of courses related to the environment, human health and governance.  Where appropriate, I integrate experiential field training and digital learning into my course offerings.

I supervise 501/502 students.  For 2023/2024, the following projects are available:

  1. Environmental determinants of health, a geospatial analysis of health outcomes related to time and space.  This project is a collaboration with KFL&A Public Health.  It investigates a variety or environmental health outcomes using emergency department visit data, modelled against geospatial indicators, socioeconomic status, and climate data.
  2. Andean Indigenous Community Sustainability and Resilience in Peru.  This project is a collaboration with the Andrean Alliance for Sustainable Development.  We will use geospatial data from Indigenous partner communities to investigate the sustainable practices which contribute to the high-level of resilience seen within rural Peru.



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