Heather Jamieson

Emerita Professor

Heather Jamieson

Contact Information

Office: Rm 304 Miller Hall 
Phone: 613.533.6181
Email: jamieson@queensu.ca

Mailing Address:
Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering
Miller Hall, Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada,
K7L 3N6

Emerita Professor in the School of Environmental Studies and the Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering


I supervise Masters students in Environmental Studies, as well as MSc and PhD students in Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. I also have co-supervised students in Civil and Mining Engineering. 

Completed MES Grad Students

Ryan Brunt
Paul Carey
Juliene McLaughlin
Amy Philip
Guy-Thierry Tenkouano
Zoey Walden

Research Interests

  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Environmental Impact of Metal Mining
  • Mineralogical Controls on Water Quality
  • Arsenic Mobility in Mine Waste
  • Metal Geochemistry in Northern Environments
  • Microanalysis of minerals including synchrotron-based tools

Current Research

The primary focus of my recent research has been the combination of microanalysis of metal-bearing minerals in mine waste, contaminated soils, sediments and dust with speciation analysis of co-existing waters to understand mineral-water interaction. One of our most important contributions has been to unambiguously identify secondary minerals at the microscopic scale. My students and I have done this by combining, near-simultaneously, 3 types of synchrotron experiment using a microfocused beam. The most novel of these is microdiffraction (microXRD). We have identified "environmental" minerals that form as poorly crystalline rims and cements that could not be identified by conventional XRD.

I have focused on pH-neutral mine waste environments, rather than the more commonly studied acid-generating tailings and waste rock. This has led to several major projects concerning arsenic and antimony, which are mobile at neutral pH and typically associated with gold mines. In recent years, I have focused on abandoned mine sites in Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories where As-bearing waste was deposited without any containment. There are more than 10,000 abandoned mines in Canada, many of them publicly accessible and near communities. 

Research projects will build on our experience in microanalysis by tackling metal-bearing colloids and windblown dust. Fieldwork remains central, with continued emphasis on the Canadian North.


ENSC 801 Methodological and Conceptual Basis for Environmental Studies 
ENSC 201 Environmental Toxicology and Chemical Risks
ENSC 407 Global Water Issues

GEOL 485/885 Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry
GEOL 365 Geochemical Characterization of Earth Processes
GEOL 835 Environmental Impact of Mining 
GEOL 841 Geochemistry of Mine Waste

Short Courses

Environmental Mineralogy, part of Environmental Geochemistry for Modern Mining, Society of Economic Geologists Short Course, Denver, CO, October 2010

Environment Mineralogy, part of GeoEnvironmental Ore Deposit Models, University of Ottawa, February 2010.

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