Courses of Interest

The following list contains courses that MES students have taken and where possible courses that are offered from 2005 to 2014. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. Its primary purpose is to suggest to students the various educational directions into which the pursuit of a graduate degree in Environmental Studies may take them. MES students are allowed to take one 400 or 500 level course for credit toward their degree as long as the Instructor agrees to a graduate level of content and assessment.

Remember: Course offerings change from year to year due to students' interests and the availability of instructors. Please check the various departmental websites for course outlines and timetables to ascertain what courses are offered during a particular term.

Please be aware of the registration procedures in each department. You will need an academic change form and permissions.

Environmental Studies / Art / Art History / Biology / Chemical Engineering / Civil Engineering / Commerce / Epidemiology / Global Development Studies / Geography / Gender Studies / Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering / Law / Mechanical & Materials Engineering / Mining Engineering / Pharmacology & Toxicology / Philosophy /  Policy Studies / Political Studies / Religious Studies / Sociology / Urban & Regional Planning / Transfer Credits

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