Please join us for the School of Environmental Studies Colloquium on Thursday, March 16th at 2:30 pm in Kinesiology Room 106 featuring Dr. Lin Li, Senior Director of Global Policy and Advocacy with WWF International.

Abstract: The rate of biodiversity loss over the past 4 decades has been staggering, 69%. The IPBES Global Assessment estimated that 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. Compounded by the crises from climate change and pandemics, humanity is at a crossroad of survival, let alone prosperity. A global problem needs a global solution. The agreement of the KM GBF and its implementation provided a chance for nature to fight back and for humanity to have a chance to prosper in harmony with nature. Science has played a role in informing the global decision making on biodiversity. The implementation of the global agreement such as the KM GBF will also need the support from scientific evidence on both actions and outcomes.

Bio: Dr. Lin Li is the Senior Director of Global Policy and Advocacy in WWF International. She coordinates and leads WWF’s cross-cutting policy and advocacy in multilateral fora and other policy dialogues. Her work focuses on elevating a nature agenda to the highest level of attention and commitments, and landing these leader's commitments in multilateral fora decisions such as CBD and SDGs.

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