ENSC 430

Honours Project in Environmental Sustainability 

Course Description

Interdisciplinary study of the scientific, socio-political, and economic aspects of selected local, national, or global issues related to environmental sustainability. Teamwork is emphasized.
NOTE Field Trip: estimated cost $30. Units: 6.00

This course is a capstone experience for ENVS and ENSC majors. It incorporates many of the issues and concepts you have been exposed to in Environmental Studies and requires you to apply knowledge and methods you have learned in other courses toward a ‘real world’ case study. The case study for the 2022/23 year is climate change and cities. We will explore what cities around the world are doing to mitigate and adapt to climate change and students will work in small groups to develop proposals for the City of Kingston (or other entities within the city, such as Queen’s) to consider adopting. The fall term includes a series of lectures and in-class activities to help you find a team and develop a project idea. The Winter term primarily involves small group work (there will be some meetings of the whole class to share progress reports).  

Requirements: Prerequisite Level 4 or above and registration in an (ENSC Major, ENVS Major, ENVS Medial, EBIO, ECHM, EGEO, EGPY, ELSC or ETOX Plan) or permission of the School.

2023/2024 Course Instructor:
Dr. Ryan Danby

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