ENSC 480

Special Topics in Environmental Science - Fall 2023
TOPIC:  Watersheds

Course Description

This course investigates watersheds from the science and engineering aspects common to a diversity of watersheds found across Canada.  This course is designed to deliver a wide ranging set of skills to students in the engineering and environmental fields in order to allow them to assess natural and anthropogenically stressed watersheds within the regulatory framework present in Canada today.  Topics will include:  watershed processes, geographic information systems, water quality and contaminants, geology and soils, plant and animal diversity, hydrology and hydrologic management of watersheds, regulatory frameworks and environmental assessment. Units: 3.00

NOTE Field Trip: estimated cost $30.

Requirements: Prerequisite Level 3 or above and registration in an (ENSC Major, ENVS Major, ENVS Medial, EBIO, ECHM, EGEO, EGPY, ELSC or ETOX plan) or permission of the School.  

Course Instructor:
Dr. Geof Hall

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