ENSC 480 - Winter 2025

Special Topics in Environmental Science 
TOPIC: Wildfire Science and Management

Course Description

This course will provide intensive coverage of a topic that is current and/or of special interest in Environmental Science. The course will be multidisciplinary, but with a science focus. 

Hence, the course will cover concepts relating to the physical/natural science aspects of fire (chemistry, physics, and biology) and students will be challenged with some (relatively basic) calculations and equations.

Wildfire Science and Management will provide a comprehensive overview of physical and social science related aspects of wildfires. Students will be challenged to critically analyze the complex ecological, economic, environmental, and cultural challenges that wildfires present particularly in a changing climate via both quantitative and qualitative aspects. The course materials will include the drivers of wildfire ignition, propagation and behaviour, wildfire emissions: climate change and human health impacts, cultural burning and indigenous fire stewardship, shifting wildfire regimes: ecological, environmental and economic risks. 

Requirements: Prerequisite Level 3 or above and registration in an (ENSC Major, ENVS Major, ENVS Medial, EBIO, ECHM, EGEO, EGPY, ELSC or ETOX plan) or permission of the School.


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