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Federal Governance​ and Federalism-E are both student e-journals managed and published by the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations.

Federal Governance

Federal Governance: A graduate journal of theory and politics, is an international online graduate journal about the theory and practice of federalism that publishes work by graduate students and post-graduates on federalism, multilevel governance, and many associated topics. Allied with the Forum of Federations and founding partner, the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University, Federal Governance aims to contribute to the global dialogue on federalism while providing a forum for graduate students and recent post-graduates engaged in research on important related issues.  It is the first graduate journal of federalism with an international team of editors, referees and professors behind it.

Federal Governance publishes its articles on a rolling basis and is currently accepting essays, book notes and reviews on federalism and related topics.



Federalism-E is an electronic student journal about federalism, multi-level governance, and intergovernmental relations put forth in collaboration between Queen's University and the Royal Military College of Canada. This annual journal will publish papers by undergraduate students, which are reviewed by an editorial board composed of their peers, in both English and French languages.

It is a bilingual, undergraduate electronic journal about federalism with a mandate to provide a forum to encourage research and scholarly debate with respect to a wide variety of issues concerning federalism both within Canada and abroad.

Note: We are pleased to announce that the 2017 edition (Issue 18) is now complete and available for download below.

Prospective authors should note the following: when submitting an essay, please include your name, full contact information and that of the institution with which you are affiliated. Furthermore, we would appreciate it if the articles were formatted according to the Chicago Manual Of Style (CMOS). While the journal has traditionally published articles 6,000 - 10,000 words in length, shorter submission as well as review articles and book reviews will also receive consideration.

For those equally interested in joining future editions' editorial board, we are always seeking members from as many universities as possible. Please contact in order to indicate your interest.

The continued success of the journal relies on the contribution and collaboration of undergraduate students from around the world.

The journal's volumes may be downloaded below.

Volume No. Year
Volume 18 [1.5 MB] 2017
Volume 17 [3.2 MB] 2016
Volume 16 [2.7 MB] 2015
Volume 15 [796 KB] 2014
Volume 14 [1.2 MB] 2013
Volume 13 [5.6 KB] 2012
Volume 12 [2.5 MB] 2011
Volume 11 [602 KB] 2010
Volume 10 [903 KB] April 2009
Volume 9 [394 KB] April 2008
Volume 8 [543 KB] May 2007
Volume 7 [2.2 MB] May 2006
Volume 6 [2.1 MB] June/July 2006
Volume 5 [2.6 MB] June 2004
Volume 4 [2.7 MB] February 2004