Discussion Papers

Title Author/Editor Year
Paper 22:National Political Parties and Regional Diversity [PDF 599 KB] Robert L. Stanfield 1985
Paper 21: An Elected Senate for Canada? Clues from the Australian Experience [PDF 2. MB] Donald Smiley 1985
Paper 20: Consumer Policy in the Canadian Federal State [PDF 3.2 MB] Nicholas R. Sidor 1984
Paper 19: Federalism and Fragmentation: A Comparative View of Political Accommodation in Canada [PDF 1.9 MB] Thomas O. Hueglin 1984
Paper 18: Bill S-31 and the Federalism of State Capitalism [PDF 1.1 MB] Allan Tupper 1983
Paper 17: Federalism and Democratic Theory [PDF 1.6 MB] Reginald Whitaker 1983
Paper 16: Senate Reform: Moving Toward the Slippery Slope [PDF 1.4 MB] Roger Gibbins 1983
Paper 15: Unfinished Business: Aboriginal Peoples and the 1983 Constitutional Conference [PDF 3.1 MB] Norman K. Zlotkin 1983
Paper 14: The Constitution and Natural Resource Revenues [PDF 1.4 MB] John D. Whyte 1982
Paper 13: Conflict of Taste and Conflict of Claim in Federal Countries [PDF 1.0 MB Jack Mintz and Richard Simeon 1982
Paper 12: Organizing Intergovernmental Relations [PDF 5.2 MB] Timothy B. Woolstencroft 1982
Paper 11: Delegation and Cable Distribution Systems: A Negative Assessment [PDF 820 KB] Richard Schultz 1981
Paper 10:Divided Jurisdictions over Natural Resources [PDF 945 MB] Anthony Scott 1980
Paper 9: Natural Resource Revenues and Canadian Federalism: A Survey of the Issues [PDF 732 KB] Richard Simeon 1980
Paper 8: The Association Dimension of Sovereignty-Association: A Response to the Quebec White Paper [PDF 876 KB] Donald Smiley 1980
Paper 7: Intergovernmental Relations and the Challenges to Canadian Federalism [PDF 992 KB] Richard Simeon 1980
Paper 6:Equal to Equal: Economic Association and the Canadian Common Market [PDF 1.1 MB] Peter Leslie 1979
Paper 5: From Interstate to Intrastate Federalism in Canada [PDF 1.7 MB] Alan Cairns 1978
Paper 4: Opening Statement to the Special Committee on the Constitution [PDF 882 KB] Richard Simeon 1978
Paper 3: Interest Groups and Intergovernmental Relations: Language Policy Making in Canada [PDF 1.8 MB David Phillips 1978
Paper 1: Evaluating the Federalist Response [PDF 1.6 MB] David Boisvert 1977