Thomas J. Courchene Collection - IIGR

Title Author/Editor Year
Indigenous Nationals Canadian Citizens From First Contact to Canada 150 and Beyond [PDF 17.2 MB] Thomas J. Courchene 2018
Thinking Outside the Box, Essays in Honour of Thomas J. Courchene [PDF 8 MB] Edited by Keith Banting, Richard P. Chaykowski and Steven F. Lehrer 2015
The Federal Idea - Essays in Honour of Ronald L. Watts [PDF 3.9 MB] Edited by Thomas J. Courchene, John R. Allan, Christian Leuprecht & Nadia Verrelli 2011
SOTF 2009 - Carbon Pricing and Environmental Federalism [PDF 6.2 MB] Thomas J. Courchene and John R. Allan (editors) 2009
SOTF 2008 - Open Federalism and the Spending Power [PDF 1.6 MB] John R. Allan, Thomas J. Courchene, Marc-Antoine Adam and Hoi Kong 2008
SOTF 2006/07 - Transitions: Fiscal and Political Federalism in an Era of Change [PDF 3.1 MB] John R. Allan, Thomas J. Courchene and Christian Leuprecht 2006/07
Assessing Access: Towards a New Social Union [PDF 4.3 MB]
Proceedings of the Symposium on the Courchene Proposal
Institute of Intergovernmental Relations 1997
The Future of Fiscal Federalism - Part 1 [PDF 6.6 MB]
The Future of Fiscal Federalism - Part 2 [PDF 5.4 MB]
Keith G. Banting, Douglas M. Brown and Thomas J. Courchene 1994
A First Nations Province [PDF 1.9 MB] Thomas J. Courchene and Lisa M. Powell 1992
Reflection 8: The Community of the Canadas [PDF 1.3 MB] Thomas J. Courchene  1991
Reflection 6: Forever Amber: The Legacy of the 1980s for the Ongoing Constitutional Impasse [PDF 1.3 MB] Thomas J. Courchene 1990