Kenneth MacGregor Lectures

Publication Title Author Year
When Public-Private Partnerships Make Sense: Two Basic Observations [PDF 858 KB] José A. Gómez-Ibáñez 2015
First Nations and the Canadian State: In Search of Co-Existence [PDF 570KB] Alan Cairns 2002
Political Science and Federalism [PDF 3.30 MB] Richard Simeon 2000
The New Face of Canadian Federalism [PDF 9.36 KB] Roger Gibbins 1994
Federalism and the Way to Peace [PDF 5.94] Daniel Elazar 1991
Does Canada Matter? [PDF 961 KB] Gordon Robertson 1990
Centralization, Decentralization and Intergovernmental Competition [PDF 1.15MB] Albert Breton 1989
Canada: Its Framework, Its Foibles, Its Future [PDF 943 KB] Alan Blakeney 1988
Charter versus Federalism: The Dilemma of Constitutional Reform  [4.3 MB] Alain Cairns 1987
Free Trade -- Is a Fair Deal Possible? (unpublished) Peter Lougheed 1987
National Political Parties and Regional Diversity [PDF 599 KB] Robert Stanfield 1985