COVID-19/Pandemics and Federalism

Literature - Pandemic Federalism Books

Title Author/Editor Year
Pandemic Threats and the Need for New Emergency Public Health Legislation in Canada Kumanan Wilson 2006

SARS in Context: Memory, History, Policy [PDF 3.1 MB]

Jacalyn Duffin and Arthur Sweetman 2006
Understanding the Role of Intergovernmental Relations on Pubic Health Policy: A Case Study of Emergency Preparedness and Response  [PDF 341 KB] Christopher MacLennan 2008
Managing Federalism Through the Pandemic (available through online University catalogues) Edited by Kathy Brock and Geoffrey Hale 2023
Comparative Federalism and Covid-19, Combating the Pandemic Open Access Edited by Nico Steytler 2021
Federalism and the Response to Covid-19, A Comparative Analysis 

Edited by Rupak Chattopadhyay, Felix Knüpling, Diana Chebenova, Liam Whittington, Phillip Gonzalez