Institute of Intergovernmental Relations


About Us

The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen's University is Canada's premier university-based centre for research on all aspects of federalism and intergovernmental relations, both in Canada and in countries around the world. Over the years, it has been a leader in contributing to public debate on issues such as national unity, Canada-Quebec relations, fiscal federalism, constitutional reform, and the social union.  Active in an international network of federalism scholars, IIGR was the first Canadian member of the International Association of Centres for Federal Studies, which now has 24 institute members from six continents.

Located in and working closely with the School of Policy Studies, as well as a number of Faculty Associates in other departments at Queen's University, the Institute is interdisciplinary in orientation, drawing on the latest research in political science, economics, philosophy, law, and sociology; providing a neutral venue to encourage dialogue among federal and provincial officials, key decision-makers and prominent scholars concerning many of the issues and challenges confronting the country. 


Through the IACFS and other international contacts, the Institute plays a leading role in offering Canadian expertise abroad. In the last few years, for example, IIGR scholars have been active in a host of federal and quasi-federal countries including Russia, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, and a variety of other countries within Europe. The Institute is also contributing to the growing international interest in federal studies.

The Institute is guided by an Advisory Council, which is composed of Deputy Ministers of Intergovernmental Affairs from federal, provincial, and territorial governments, leading scholars of federalism, distinguished leaders from the business community, journalists, a number of former senior public officials and Faculty Associates from Queen's University.

The IIGR is also proud to be a liaison partner of the Forum of Federations, providing it with information, advice and essentially serving as its "eyes and ears" on the ground in Canada. The two organizations work together closely on project development and implementation.

Research and Publications

The Institute maintains an active research and publications program. Over the years, it has been a leader in contributing to public debate on issues such as national unity, Canada-Quebec relations, fiscal federalism, constitutional reform, and the social union, involving scholars and practitioners from across Canada and overseas.

The IIGRs influence has been felt most strongly through its publications, which include Canada: The State of the Federation series. This annual review of the federation is a valued source of commentary on emerging issues affecting the country. The Institute also maintains a number of online resources on federalism, comparative federalism, and regional and global multilevel governance.


The work of the Institute is overseen by Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant who is acting Director. Kyle Hanniman is Associate Director

Other Institute Fellows include Robin Boadway of Queen's University, Peter Meekison of the University of Victoria, and Robert Young of the University of Western Ontario. John Allan, Douglas Brown and Harvey Lazar are former directors and fellows with the IIGR.

Christian Leuprecht is the Institute's Research Associate. The Institute also employs an administrative staff, headed by Mary Kennedy, and a number of part-time Research Assistants.