Indigenous Peoples and Federalism

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*Publication titles below utilize the now dated term Aboriginal due to publication date and customary language use of the time.

Canada: The State of the Federation 2003 - Reconfiguring Aboriginal-State Relations

Published Background Papers

Title Author/Editor Year
Providing Land and Resources for Aboriginal Peoples [PDF 2.2 MB] Bradford W. Morse 1987
Aboriginal Self-Government Arrangements in Canada [PDF 3.9 MB] Evelyn J. Peters 1987
The Political and Legal Inequities Among Aboriginal Peoples in Canada [PDF 884 KB] Delia Opekokew 1987
Future Issues of Jurisdiction and Coordination Between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Governments [PDF 1.7 MB] Ian B. Cowie 1987
Public Administration Questions Relating to Aboriginal Self-Government [PDF 3.0 MB] C.E.S. Franks 1987
Subjugation, Self-Management and Self-Government of Aboriginal Lands and Resources in Canada [PDF 2.8 MB] Richard H. Bartlett 1986
Aboriginal Self-Government and Education in Canada [PDF 3.7 MB] Jerry Paquette 1986
Financing Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada [PDF 1.7 MB] Marc Malone 1986
Aboriginal Self-Determination Off a Land-Base [PDF 1.4 MB] John Weinstein 1986
Negotiating Aboriginal Self-Government: Developments Surrounding the 1985 First Ministers' Conference [PDF 1.3 MB] David C. Hawkes 1985
First Principals: Constitutional Reform with Respect to the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, 1982-1984 [PDF 7.6 MB] Bryan P. Schwartz 1985
Aboriginal Self-Government in the United States [PDF 2.0 MB] Douglas E. Sanders 1985
Aboriginal Self-Government in Australia and Canada [PDF 3.4 MB] Bradford W. Morse 1985
Forms of Aboriginal Self-Government [PDF 2.3 MB] David A. Boisvert 1985
Aboriginal Self-Government: Rights of Citizenship and Access to Governmental Services [PDF 3.6 MB] Noel Lyon 1984

Published Discussion Papers

Title Author/Editor Year
Self-Government for Aboriginal Peoples Living in Urban Areas [PDF 1.7 MB] Jill Wherrett and Douglas Brown 1992
The Search for Accommodation [PDF 1.1 MB] David C. Hawkes 1987
Aboriginal Self-Government: What Does it Mean? [PDF 2.2 MB] David C. Hawkes 1985

Published Miscellaneous Papers

Title Author/Editor Year
First Nations and the Canadian State: In Search of Coexistence [PDF 520 KB] Alan C. Cairns 2002
An Evaluation of the Discussion at the Workshop on Aboriginal Self-Government and the Federation [PDF 1.8 MB] Kelly Speck  
Aboriginal Self-Government in Urban Areas [PDF 5.9 MB] Evelyn J. Peters 1995
Aboriginal Governments and Power Sharing in Canada [PDF 1.2 MB] Douglas Brown 1992
A First Nations Province [PDF 1.9 MB] Thomas J. Courchene and Lisa M. Powell 1992

Published Position Papers

Title Author/Editor Year
Completing Canada: Inuit Approaches to Self-Government [PDF 1.4 MB] Inuit Committee on National Issues 1987
Access to Survival: A Perspective on Aboriginal Self-Government for the Constituency of the Native Council of Canada [PDF 1.9 MB] Martin Dunn 1986

Final Report

Title Author/Editor Year
Aboriginal Peoples and Constitutional Reform: What Have We Learned? [PDF 2.5 MB]  David C. Hawkes 1989

Workshop Reports

Title Author/Editor Year
Issues in Entrenching Aboriginal Self-Government [PDF 3.7 MB] David C. Hawkes and Evelyn J. Peters 1987
Implementing Aboriginal Self-Government: Problems and Prospects [PDF 1.6 MB] David C. Hawkes and Evelyn J. Peters 1986


Title Author/Editor Year
Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: A Bibliography 1987-90 [PDF 1.0 MB] Evelyn J. Peters 1991
Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: A Bibliography 1986 [PDF 2.7 MB] Evelyn J. Peters 1986