Reflection Papers

Title Author/Editor Year
Reflection 15: Equalization on the Basis of Need in Canada [PDF 1.6 MB] Douglas M. Brown 1996
Reflection 14: The New Face of Canadian Nationalism [PDF 936 KB] Roger Gibbins 1995
Reflection 13: Federalism and the Way to Peace  [PDF 5.9 MB] Daniel J. Elazar 1994
Reflection 12: Integration and Fragmentation: The Paradox of the Late Twentieth Century [PDF 4.0 MB] Guy Laforest and Douglas Brown 1994
Reflection 11: The Myths and Symbols of the Constitutional Debate in Canada [PDF 2.8 MB] C.E.S. Franks 1993
Reflection 10: Constitutional Commentaries: An Assessment of the 1991 Federal Proposals [PDF 4.1 MB] Douglas Brown, Robert Young and Dwight Herperger 1992
Reflection 9: The Politics of Language [PDF 928 KB] Donald J. Savoie 1991
Reflection 8: The Community of the Canadas [PDF 1.3 MB] Thomas J. Courchene 1991
Reflection 7: Does Canada Matter? [PDF 961 KB] Gordon Robertson 1991
Reflection 6: Forever Amber: The Legacy of the 1980s for the Ongoing Constitutional Impasse [PDF 1.3 MB] Thomas J. Courchene 1990
Reflection 5: After Meech Lake: An Insider's View [PDF 1.3MB] Patrick J. Monahan 1990
Reflection 4: Centralization, Decentralization and Intergovernmental Competition [PDF 1.2 MB] Albert Breton 1989
Reflection 3: Federal Leadership in Economic and Social Policy [PDF 1.5 MB] Peter M. Leslie 1988
Reflection 2: Navigating Meech Lake: The 1987 Constitutional Accord [PDF 2.1 MB] Clive Thomson 1988
Reflection 1: Canada: Its Framework, Its Foibles, Its Future [PDF 943 KB] Allan E. Blakeney 1988