Community of Practice (CoP) - Canada's Post-Pandemic Future

SSHRC Community of Practice

Development of a community of practice (CoP) to advance supply resilience, workforce sustainability and economic recovery in Canada's post-pandemic future.

With a team of 18 researchers, 40 partner organizations and citizen advocacy groups, the intent is to build a CoP that designs, validates, and scales collaborative supply chain solutions, practices and measurement tools to improve health system capacity to manage COVID-19 and respond to future pandemics.  The goals are to:

  • Advance supply chain resilience across Canadian health and community systems to strengthen post-pandemic recovery in Canada and globally.
  • Strengthen workforce sustainability in health and social systems to support a robust and sustainable health workforce to advance economic recovery.
  • Design, implement and scale supply chain strategies that leverage expertise and knowledge across jurisdictions, and support domestic supplier networks across Canada to strengthen self-reliance and economic recovery.

The CoP operates along six lines of effort: Workforce Sustainability; Leadership and Policy; Sourcing, Procurement and Collaborative Stockpile Strategy; Digital Supply Chains; Supply Chain Security and Sustainability; and a Citizens’ Forum