Indigenous Community Research Partnerships

Training Resources

Indigenous Community Research Partnerships (ICRP) is an online open education training resource.  It is designed to assist researchers who are new to research in partnerships with Inuit, Métis and First Nations (“Indigenous”) communities, or who are researchers-in-training, to:

  • Operationalize required regulatory policy requirements and research directives;
  • Ensure equitable inclusion of Indigenous and Western-oriented knowledge in research systems;
  • And, in the case of Indigenous-specific enquiry, to privilege or give primacy to Indigenous ways of knowing and doing.

The Group for Ethics and Engagement in Indigenous Community Research Partnerships (EIP), author of the training resource, consists of partnerships with:

  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers
  • Queen's University Arts and Science Online
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Office of Indigenous Initiatives. 

The ICRP training is available online and on demand, and can be taken as a Queen's Certificate (available to those with a Queen's netID) or as an Open Access educational resource available to the public.  

The training resource is in the form of four modules, with a fifth module designed specifically for the Queen's University local context (coming soon!).  The training resource is designed to be completed at your own pace.  A certificate of completion will be issued to those who register and complete the training resource.  Click the Queen's Certificate or Open Access version links below to access the training.

The development of the work presented here was supported by a grant from the Ontario SPOR Support Unit (#60152 OSSU POR). To learn more about the training and the importance of equitable research partnerships in addressing health inequities, read this article published in The Conversation and this IKT Research Network interview with Dr. Janet Jull.

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This open training is designed to be shared, adapted, and built upon. Please feel free to modify and tailor to your own community under the Creative Commons license terms CC: BY-NC-SA requiring attribution to the original authors, non-commercial use, and share-alike publishing of any derivative works.