Restorying Indigenous Leadership: Strategic Plan


restorying indigenous leadership report cover



The Office of Indigenous Initiatives (OII) at Queen’s University has established several positive shifts across the institutional landscape in only three years of existence: it has supported the growth in Indigenous students, staff, faculty and guiding community voices; it has led the renaming and reclaiming of physical spaces; and it is becoming a critical resource hub for Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the Queen’s and ka’tarohkwi communities.

In order to achieve its full potential, the Office of Indigenous Initiatives requires a comprehensive plan that involves a review of the roots of its formation, where it finds itself in the present, and how it can continue to grow its voice and physical presence as a self-determining, integral part of Queen’s. With this in mind, the OII, with the ongoing support and collaboration of the Principal’s Office with an intention of peace, strength and a good mind, must focus on the critical need to assist, promote and protect all Indigenous staff, faculty, students and community partners.



 Download Strategic Plan here. (PDF, 1.4 MB)