Cansbridge information session in the Rose Event Commons
Cansbridge information session in the Rose Event Commons

The Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC) is sponsoring 23 clubs, conferences and events on innovation this Fall. DDQIC will contribute a total of $59,000 to event organizers. Each year, thousands of students from all academic disciplines are exposed to entrepreneurship as a career at events supported by DDQIC. 

The conference topics range from health innovation to the use of artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability. 

If you are looking for an easy way to dip your toes into the waters of innovation and entrepreneurship, consider these conferences that are still seeking registrants: 


Dates: January 26-27, 2024

TEDx is committed to promoting "ideas worth spreading" to empower innovation, curiosity, and future leaders.

Registration link:


Queen’s Conference on International Business 

Dates: January 25-28, 2024 

QCIB is a platform to connect Canada’s best and brightest business students with inspiring global business leaders. 

Registration link: Register November 7-17 at  



Dates: February 2-4, 2024 

Queen's University's annual in-person hackathon where students across Ontario are given 36 hours to develop and present a programming project to learn and share their ideas! During the event participants will also be able to attend workshops, network with industry professionals and learn in a collaborative environment! 

Registration link:  


Queen's Conference in Business and Governance 

Dates: Friday Nov. 10th, 2023 – Saturday Nov. 11th, 2023 

Description: QCBG aims to give students the opportunity to enhance their leadership, awareness and social engagement in governance and business relations through interactive workshops, keynote speakers, networking sessions, panels and more! We want to provide resources from and connections to industry professionals within the two sectors to aspiring students who wish to further develop their professional portfolio. 

Registration link:

Want sponsorship for your Winter event? If your event is led by students and related to innovation and entrepreneurship, you can apply for sponsorship. Requests for sponsorship are accepted twice annually in August and November.