Introducing the Dunin-Deshpande Regional Pitch Competition Series

Looking for seed funding to help fuel your venture?

Apply for a chance to win up to $30,000 in non-dilutive seed funding!

This competition gives early-stage ventures the opportunity to access funding, mentorship, workshops and more.

Regional Pitch Competition

Every year, our team organizes two regional pitch competitions that gives post-secondary students and other members of the Kingston community, the opportunity to advance their venture through funding and mentorship. With a prize pool of nearly $100,000, teams have the opportunity to receive up to $30,000 in seed funding. Competitors will go through a series of rounds and receive coaching from the DDQIC team and members of the global network to improve their final pitch. During the final round of the competition, audience members are invited to watch and participate in choosing the winner of the Wisdom of Market Award - a prize given to the audience's favourite venture. 



Both streams of this competition are open to ventures at Queen's and in the Kingston region. Applicants from all disciplines and backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. During the adjudication process, applicants will be assessed based on the impact their venture has on the Kingston community. Applicants must be based in Kingston and the surrounding region, but do NOT have to be associated with Queen's University. Please note, only ventures who have been funded less than $5000 (grants, pitch prizes, loans, equity) are eligible to compete for seed funding. 

Congratulations to all the finalists in our Summer Pitch Competition! Read about the award winners.

Captured are the winners of the 2021 Summer Pitch Competition - Smart Biomedical.

Smart Biomedical, grand prize winners of the 2021 Dunin-Deshpande Summer Pitch Competition.


Application Deadline: Monday, January 10th 2022 at 10AM (Eastern Time)
Pitch for admission to the QICSI program as a pre-formed team or for a chance to receive up to $30,000 in non-dilutive seed funding! 

The DDQIC annual Winter pitch competition has two streams that provide support for founders looking to bring their venture to the next level. Stream 1 gives early-stage startups the opportunity to compete for non-dilutive seed funding, and Stream 2 provides an opportunity for teams of co-founders to pitch for admission to the Queen's Innovation Centre Summer Initiative (QICSI) program. 

In order to be a competitive applicant, we strongly encourage you to enroll in our year-round support program QYourVenture. If you are interested in applying to QICSI through Stream 2, you must join QYourVenture prior to the pitch January 17-18. But don't worry - it's easy to join! You can read about the QyourVenture process and reach out to our team at for next steps.  

Stream 1: Seed Funding Stream 2: Admission to QICSI
Are you looking for seed funding to build your idea into a venture? Ventures who have been funded less than $5000 (grants, pitch prizes, loans, equity) are eligible to apply to compete for seed funding in this stream. If you have already achieved significant revenues, this will also be considered in the adjudication process. The pool of funding available is approximately $30,000. Please note: All DDQIC funding is accessed on a reimbursement basis, it is not dispersed in the form of a cheque or in lump sum amounts.   Are you working on a venture already, and want to dive in to building it next summer as part of an intensive incubator program? This is an opportunity to get paid to dedicate yourself to building your business next summer while receiving up to $4,000 in seed funding, a $7,000 personal stipend for each co-founder and training, mentorship and office space as part of the QICSI program. All co-founders that which to participate in QICSI 2022 must be present for the pitch.


The application process will happen in two stages:

  1. Complete the relevant Application Form below by January 10th 2022 at 10AM (Eastern Time). 

  2. Pitch to the DDQIC team and a panel of Global Network judges on January 17th or 18th 2022.

    • Details about pitch time and location will be confirmed following the successful completion of the application process. If you are pitching for admission to QICSI through Stream 2, all co-founders must be present for the pitch. 

World's Challenge Challenge

Queen's Regional Pitch Competition

Interested in competing on a more global scale?

Queens Team Competes at World's Challenge Challenge


The World's Challenge Challenge is an exciting opportunity for Queen's students to identify a global issue they hope to address among the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and develop a realistic plan for implementation. Teams compete at the Queen's Regionals for a chance to receive up to $30,000 in funding and represent Queen's at the International Finals. 

The Queen's Regional Competition applications will open in Winter 2023. 

Learn more about the challenge

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To apply, teams will need to do the following:

  1. Create a team of 2-4 current Queen’s students with diverse skill sets and backgrounds
  2. Choose one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to tackle
  3. Brainstorm and identify a solution to the global issue that has been selected
  4. Submit your proposal through our online application
World's Challenge Challenge 2023 Applications will open in Winter 2023. 

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World's Challenge Challenge Header

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