Photo of Abigail Bergeron with her siamese cat

Abigail Bergeron

Ph.D. Student

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Research Interests

Continental Philosophy, Anarchism/Libertarianism, Philosophy of Law, Radical Feminism, Philosophy of Technology.

  • B.A. Honours, Trent University
  • L.L.B., Swansea University
  • M.A., Queen’s University
  • L.L.M., Queen’s University (in progress)

Given that I am currently completing my Masters of Law in conjunction with my PhD, my research interests primarily lie in the philosophy of law, namely, freedom of speech and constitutional rights jurisprudence. I am also interested in Continental philosophy (e.g. Existentialism, Heidegger, Nietzsche), particularly Continental political theory---with an emphasis on anarchism and libertarianism (e.g. Godwin, Thoreau).

Most recently, my MA thesis was in the philosophy of technology concerning the issue of driverless cars, and I am especially interested in technological determinism, such as that of Ellul, Heidegger and Borgmann. My work concerning the impact of social media and digital technology has been published in How Does the Digitization of Our World Change Our Orientation? (2023) by the Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation.