Daryn Lehoux

Daryn Lehoux

Queen’s National Scholar, Professor of Classics and Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy, Classics

Arts and Science

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  • B.A. Hons, University of Waterloo
  • M.A., University of Toronto
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto

Ancient Sciences, History and Philosophy of Science

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Selected Journal Articles
  • ‘Why Doesn’t My Baby Look Like Me? Likeness and Likelihood in Ancient Theories of Reproduction,’ in V. Wohl, ed., Probabilities, Hypotheticals, and Counterfactuals in Ancient Greek Thought (Cambridge, 2014), p. 208-229
  • Reflectance Transformation Imaging of a Byzantine Portable Sundial,’ Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 187 (2013) p. 221-229 [with George Bevan and Richard Talbert]
  • ‘Seeing and Unseeing, Seen and Unseen,’ in D. Lehoux, A. D. Morrison, and A. Sharrock, eds., Lucretius: Poetry, Philosophy, Science (Oxford, 2013) p. 131-152
  • Ancient Science in a Digital Age,’ ISIS, 104 (2013) p. 111-118
  • A Revolution of its Own,’ (essay review of Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 50th Anniversary ed.), Science, 338 (16 Nov. 2012), p. 885-6 [with Jay Foster]
  • ‘Myth and Explanation in Manilius,’ in K. Volk and S. Green, eds., Forgotten Stars: Rediscovering Manilius’ Astronomica, (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2011) p. 45-56
  • ‘Natural Knowledge in Classical Antiquity,’ in P. Harrison, R. Numbers, and M. Shank, eds., Wrestling with Nature: From Omens to Science (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2011) p. 37-58
  • 'Observers, Objects, and the Embedded Eye.' Isis ,98 (2007) p. 447-467. (Winner of the History of Science Society's 2008 Price/Webster prize)
  • 'Laws of Nature and Natural Laws.' Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 37 (2006) p. 527-549
  • 'Tomorrow's News Today: Astrology, Fate, and the Ways Out.' Representations, 95 (2006) p. 105-122
  • 'Tropes, Facts, and Empiricism.' Perspectives on Science, 11 (2003) p. 326-345
  • 'Observation and Prediction in Ancient Astrology.' Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 35 (2004) p. 227-246
  • 'The Historicity Question in Mesopotamian Divination.' In J.M. Steele and A. Imhausen, eds., Under One Sky: Astronomy and Mathematics in the Ancient Near East, Alter Orient und Altes Testament, 297 (Münster, Ugarit-Verlag, 2002) p. 209-222
  • 'All Voids Large and Small, Being a Discussion of Place and Void in Strato of Lampsacus's Matter Theory.' Apeiron ,32 (1999) p. 1-36