Nancy Salay

Nancy Salay

Continuing Associate Professor

Philosophy, School of Computing

Arts and Science

  • B.A., Waterloo 
  • M.A., Waterloo
  • Ph.D., Dalhousie

Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics 

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Nancy received her PhD in the philosophy of mind, language, and logic from Dalhousie University. But after a research fellowship at Brandeis University and six years working as a computational linguist and ontologist at Cycorp (an AI think-tank in Austin, Texas), her central area of specialization is now cognitive science, with a focus on language and representation. She has authored numerous papers in different areas of philosophy, embodied cognitive science, and computation. She is the anglophone Editor-in-Chief of Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, the journal of the Canadian Philosophical Association. She is also the founder of ESC (Embodiment, Systems, and Complexity), an inter-disciplinary research institute of embodied cognition. Informed by embodied, enactive, and extended insights as well as predictive processing models of cognition, her current project is an investigation of how language/symbol-use expands and extends key cognitive capacities such as reflective consciousness.