Recent PhD Joseph Breidenstein's first book, a revised version of his PhD dissertation, has been published by Palgrave Macmillan. The book is entitled Nietzschean, Feminist, and Embodied Perspectives on the Presocratics: Philosophy as Partnership.

From the publisher: This book is the first sustained scholarly account of women and goddesses in presocratic philosophy. It approaches the origin of western philosophy via Nietzsche, Feminism, and Embodied Cognition in order to argue that the presocratics were reviving, within the largely patriarchal and death-glorifying culture of archaic Greece, a paleo/neolithic goddess-centered religiosity that affirmed life and rebirth. By taking readers from prehistoric Europe to classical Athens, Joseph I. Breidenstein Jr. provides a novel narrative of the dawn of western philosophy which is more comprehensive than traditional accounts and which helps us address contemporary problems—the patriarchal attitudes and ideas that continue to corrupt academic-philosophical culture; the fascist-dominator lifestyle that continues to threaten western democracy and which is encouraged by the patriarchal aspects of academia; and the consumerism that continues to result from a materialistic-secular paradigm that is being increasingly recognized as both intellectually untenable and socially unsustainable.

Joseph Breidenstein's Nietzschean, Feminist, and Embodied Perspectives on the Presocratics: Philosophy as Partnership