Nobel Laureate Art McDonald
Nobel Laureate Art McDonald and other Queen’s physics researchers are working as part of an international team developing a ventilator that can be certified and manufactured with off-the-shelf parts.
(Photo: University Communications)

Professor Emeritus and Nobel Laureate Arthur McDonald leads a team of Canadian physicists in an international effort to design a ventilator to help in the treatment of COVID-19. He  is partnering with the nation’s leading particle and nuclear physics laboratories, SNOLAB, TRIUMF and Canadian National Laboratories, to lead the Canadian arm of the Mechanical Ventilator Milano project.

Dr. McDonald states,

The goal is to develop a ventilator model to meet current needs that can be constructed quickly and reliably in Canada and in other countries. This project is an example of how we can harness the capacity and talent of the Canadian nuclear and particle physics community at SNOLAB, TRIUMF, and the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories to help combat COVID-19 with our international partners.

Detailed information can be found at Queen's Gazette.

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