image 2 by Justin Bonal
(Images: courtesy of Justin Bonal)
image 1 by Justin Bonal


At the Queen’s Engineering Competition (January 15-17), Justin Bonal (Eng Phys) and his team won the Senior Design Competition. They went on to the Ontario Engineering Competition. As Justin explains...

This past weekend, I participated with 3 of my peers in the Ontario Engineering Competition (remotely) in the senior design category. We had 8 hours to develop an arduino based prototype that detects surfaces that have recently been touched by a human (red squares) that could potentially be infected with COVID. There were 2 red squares on a 3x3 grid, and the base of the device had to be 6 inches from the vertical surface. On the team, I developed code for the RGB sensor, motors, and helped develop the algorithm for how we were to go through the squares. As a result, we finished 2nd place, won $1000, and are headed to the national competition at the end of February!


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