Research Highlights

Giving Dark Matter Detectors New Targets

Feb 05, 2024

Exciting findings by postdocs Melissa Diamond and Chris Cappiello show how the existing interactions between Standard Model particles can improve the reach and sensitivity of existing dark matter detectors

Paper in Nature Photonics on long sought-after regime in quantum optics

Jan 12, 2024

Prof. Hughes and collaborators publish a new paper on sought-after regime in quantum optics

'Polar Ring' Galaxies Found

Sep 13, 2023

Rare 'polar rings' found surrounding galaxies NGC 4632 and NGC 6156

Dark matter in compact stars

Sep 05, 2023

Learn more about dark matter by watching how it behaves in the intense gravity of neutron stars

First evidence of reactor antineutrinos in a water Cherenkov detector

Mar 01, 2023

The SNO+ Collaboration find evidence that pure water can be used to measure antineutrinos from reactors at large distances

Photonic processor can isolate wireless signals from a noisy environment

Feb 28, 2023

Research by Prof. Shastri, Prof. Tait and their team is published in Nature Communications

Imperfect Quantum Photonic Neural Networks

Jan 31, 2023

Jacob Ewaniuk, a MASC candidate has his work published in Advanced Quantum Technologies

Teaching photonic chips to learn

Nov 22, 2022

Prof. Shastri and multi-institution team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning hardware

Evidence of Neutrino Emission from NGC1068

Nov 03, 2022

Prof. Park and colleagues, part of the IceCUBE Neutrino Observatory, find evidence of neutrino emission in their latest research