Research Highlights

Imperfect Quantum Photonic Neural Networks

Jan 31, 2023

Jacob Ewaniuk, a MASC candidate has his work published in Advanced Quantum Technologies

Teaching photonic chips to learn

Nov 22, 2022

Prof. Shastri and multi-institution team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning hardware

Evidence of Neutrino Emission from NGC1068

Nov 03, 2022

Prof. Park and colleagues, part of the IceCUBE Neutrino Observatory, find evidence of neutrino emission in their latest research

Paper published in Science Advances

Jun 15, 2022

Research showing that it is possible to take nanoscale building blocks and “pre-assemble” them in different arrangements that can be used as a building material for matter with structure at larger scales

Paper selected as cover for APL Photonics

May 05, 2022

Queen’s graduate student Jagmeet Singh and collaborators have presented a Verilog-A (time-domain modeling language for analog circuits) based approach which would significantly improve the efficiency of optimizing the circuits

Queen's researchers discover magnetic field in Polaris, the North Star

Apr 07, 2022

Astronomers at Queen’s University in Kingston have discovered for the first time that Polaris – more commonly known as the North Star – is host to a remarkable magnetic field

Could these two stars have violent colliding winds?

Mar 11, 2022

In a study led by Judith Irwin of Queen's University, a newly discovered binary star system shows the unusual trait of having associated radio and X-ray emission

Is most of our Universe made of Extra-Dimension Black Holes?

Mar 11, 2022

Prof. Vincent and group study the evolution of hypothetical extra-dimension black holes