Radiofrequency Superconductivity for particle accelerators


Friday November 17, 2023
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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Prof. Tobias Junginger
University of Victoria


Did you know that MRI machines in hospitals work without a power source, as the current in the magnet flows without any resistance – or that superconductors enable magnetic levitation trains going as fast as 600 km/h? These are only two examples of superconductivity, a phenomenon that was discovered more than 100 years ago out of pure curiosity. In this colloquium, I will start with a basic introduction to superconductivity before presenting how it is used in particle accelerators for radiofrequency cavities at TRIUMF and worldwide. The behaviour of superconductors under radiofrequency is distinctively different from the DC case, requiring a tailored research and development material science program, which I will present at the end of my talk.

Timbits, coffee, tea will be served in STI A before the colloquium


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