APPLICATION DEADLINE: Apply through the myCareers by February 14, 2023.  Applicants must include a resume, brief cover letter, and an unofficial transcript when applying.

Brief description:

We are looking for a research assistant who will work with Prof. Sadavoy and the Queen's Star Formation (QStar) team to analyze telescope data of nearby star-forming regions. Prof Sadavoy has designed these projects to accommodate either in person research or remote supervision.  Potential projects include: calculating the strength of magnetic fields in star-forming regions, modeling planet-forming disks, characterizing gas motions in or gas chemistry in stellar nurseries, measuring cloud stability against collapse, and identifying evidence of dust coagulation.



We are seeking a student who will work 35 hours per week for 16 weeks over the summer under the supervision of Prof. Sadavoy.


The specific responsibilities of the SWEP students are:


1)  To identify trends and correlations in telescope data
2)  To build models and test them against observations
3)  To conduct literature searches and apply data mining

4)  To apply packaged computer codes and develop new codes for future users

5)  To work closely with the QStar team and keep record of progress



Qualifications:  Students should have completed at least two years of a physical science program with a preference for students that have completed Introduction to Astrophysics (PHYS 216). Computer programming skills (e.g., python), the desire to learn new skills, and the ability to work in a team will be essential.