May 2020

Tuition Statement

May 25, 2020

Dear Students,

In the midst of a global health crises, a number of uncertainties have and continue to arise for post-secondary students who remain a vulnerable population to the ebbs and flows of COVID-19. Although decisions have been confirmed for the fall term and faculties are beginning to announce approvals of remote delivery, tensions remain high while students are faced with an entirely new set of circumstances.

Despite the promise of delivering a high-quality Queen’s education through online platforms, we feel that the university experience, as well as our education, should be reflected in tuition fees and additional accommodations. While an online education when properly implemented in certain disciplines can be incredibly effective, it is not naïve for students to recognize the benefits of face-to-face interaction. Although necessary under current circumstances, we recognize that an online format is not an ideal method of instruction and tuition reductions need to actively be considered. It is important to acknowledge the countless students who rely on work-study, laboratory, and various other forms of income that are no longer available to them. These and many other additional costs are placing increasingly vulnerable students with the difficult question of continuing their education.

Along with student governors across Ontario and student leaders at Queen’s, we want you to know that as student trustees we are actively working towards our collective goals of reduced tuition fees. As students ourselves we understand and greatly empathize with your fears. These are challenging times and while we are far in distance, our dedication and advocacy for you remains strong.

We are here with you, and we stand with you.


Shoshannah Bennett-Dwara                                            Sam Hiemstra
Queen's Undergraduate Trustee                                      Queen's Rector