Filing a Report

I think I have witnessed or am aware of harassment, discrimination, and/or reprisal.

How do I file a report?

If you need help right now, please go to this page for a list of people and offices you can reach out to.

Some people at Queen’s called "persons of authority" who are aware of workplace harassment, discrimination, reprisal, or systemic discrimination must submit a report.

To file a report related to witnessing or being aware of discrimination, harassment, and/or reprisal, you can do the following:

  • Complete the report form. It will be automatically submitted to the Office of the Vice-Principal (Culture, Equity, and Inclusion) when you are done.
  • The university’s Intake Assessment Team will meet to review the report and decide if it will be referred for investigation.
  • A member of the Intake Assessment Team will reach out to you to explain the Team’s decision and explain next steps.

If the situation relates to sexual violence AND involves a student, the procedure set out in the university’s Sexual Violence Policy must be followed; nonetheless, there might be cases in which the harassing behaviour impacted more than an individual student, resulting in discriminatory harassment that should be reported as well under the Harassment and Discrimination Policy. If you need support related to sexual violence, please reach out to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator.


If you have any questions related to the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, you can reach out to the following offices: