Intake Assessment Team

Harassment and Discrimination Intake Assessment Team

The Harassment and Discrimination Intake Assessment Team is the group at Queen's responsible for determining whether a complaint or report of harassment, discrimination, and/or reprisal will be investigated. The group consists of the following members:

Rebecca Coupland

Rebecca Coupland

Interim University Secretary

University Secretariat and Legal Counsel

Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson

Vice-Principal (Culture, Equity, and Inclusion)

Office of the Vice-Principal (Culture, Equity, and Inclusion)

Queen's University Crest

Corrina Fitzgerald

Associate Vice Provost (Student Life and Learning)

Student Affairs

Dan Langham

Dan Langham

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Queen's University Crest

Dan McKeown

Associate Vice-Principal (Faculty Relations)

Faculty Relations

Queen's University Crest

Lisa Walsh

Interim Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)

Human Resources

The Intake Assessment Team may be adjusted from time to time to include individuals who may inform the proper assessment of a complaint or report, such as the Associate Vice-Principal (Faculty Relations) and/or the Assistant Dean (Student Life and Learning).


If you have any questions related to the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, you can reach out to the following offices: