Harassment and Discrimination

Learn more about the Policy and its Complaint and Reporting Procedures, and discover what to do if you wish to make a complaint or report being a witness to, or becoming aware of, discrimination, harassment, or reprisal.

Policy and Procedures

Making a complaint

I think I have personally experienced discrimination, harassment and/or reprisal. How do I make a formal complaint?

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Filing a report

I think I have witnessed or am aware of harassment, discrimination, and/or reprisal. How do I file a formal report?

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Procedure flowcharts

How do the policy and procedures work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't want to file a formal report/complaint under the policy?
Find out how you can make an anonymous submission using the IN-SIGHT tool.

File a complaint related to sexual violence.


If you have any questions related to the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, you can reach out to the following offices: