Complaint Procedure Flowchart

This flowchart has been developed to help individuals understand how the complaint procedure works. 

A complaint is for university community members who feel they have personally experienced discrimination, harassment, or reprisal and want the matter investigated.

Individuals can also pursue an alternative resolution if they do not want to file a formal complaint.

If the matter relates to a form of sexual harassment/violence, the procedure set out in the Policy on Sexual Violence Involving Queen’s Students must be used.

Harassment & Discrimination Policy - Complaint Procedure Flowchart

2023-10-20_Harassment & Discrimination Prevention and Response Policy Complaint Flowchart

Step 1: A complaint using the form found on the Complaints and Investigations website is submitted to the Office of Complaints and Investigations.

Step 2: A meeting of the Intake Assessment Team is held. 

Is it determined that the complaint can be investigated?

NO: The complaint contains insufficient detail, does not relate to a matter covered by the Policy, is made over one year after the incident, involves someone no longer part of the university community, or the incident does not constitute harassment, discrimination, or reprisal as defined in the Policy. 

In any of the above cases, the Office of Complaints and Investigations will advise why the report was not accepted, that new information can be submitted, and about alternatives for recourse. 

YES: The complaint will be referred to the appropriate receiving office. If it involves a Queen’s employee or a student-employee, the following steps will be followed, and interim measures may be put in place. 

Is an early resolution appropriate?

YES: If an early resolution is appropriate, a resolution agreement will be prepared, and the case will be closed. The Office of Complaints and Investigations receives written summary of resolution. 

NO: If an early resolution is not appropriate, the receiving office will work with an internal or external investigator who will ensure the individuals involved are informed of the process. 

The investigator will issue a confidential written report including advice on appropriate corrective measures. 

All complainants and respondents will be informed of the outcome in writing. 


If you have any questions related to the Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures, you can reach out to the following offices: