Step 1: Plan and Explore

Step 1: Plan and Explore

What can you study?  It's really up to you.  As a first year student you are not yet in a specific "plan" or major so this year is all about exploring different areas of study to find out what your true interests are. 

Upon entering first year, you have been admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science to one of the following degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Honours) Specialization in Kinesiology, Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours), Bachelor of Fine Art, or Bachelor of Music.  Most first year students have been admitted as BAH or BSCH, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and you will have the task of selecting the courses that you will take in your first year of studies based on your interests and goals for a future “Plan” (or subject of concentration). 

Students admitted to direct entry programs: BSCH KINE, BPHE, BFA or BMUS have limited choices in their first year as the majority of their program is prescribed to them.  If you fall into one of these categories, you will only need to choose your elective courses.

Where to Start?  Exploration

Your first year of studies should be about exploring the different disciplines available to you through Arts and Science.  Belonging to a joint faculty has the advantage of giving you access to courses in each of the humanities, sciences and social sciences.  Except for a few limitations, and provided you have the high school prerequisites, you can take courses from any or all of these areas. 

Exploring with Direction

It is still necessary to have some idea of what direction you think you might be heading in order to ensure you are registering for the appropriate first year courses.  With this in mind, you should first look at the variety of Academic Disciplines available to you, otherwise known as “Plans”.  Each Plan will offer insight into that particular discipline and recommendations about high school courses that will maximize choices and flexibility.

Don't limit yourself!  You are encouraged to take a variety of courses from different disciplines and to explore the range of subjects available to you.  After this year, the academic groundwork will be laid for several possible Plan options and you will then be prepared to make well-informed choices about how you would like your degree to take shape.  Requesting a Plan will be the first step of the registration process for your second year of study and you will choose courses based on that Plan.  The departments that you request a Plan in will determine your eligibility based on your academic performance in first year.


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