Step 3: View your Enrollment Appointment Date and Time

Beginning, July 2nd, you can log in to your Student Centre on SOLUS to view your Enrollment Appointment time and date by clicking on “Enrollment Appointment” under Enrollment Dates to the right of your screen.

What does “Enrollment Appointment” mean?

Your enrollment appointment is your START TIME for registering in your fall and winter courses.  You can add courses at any time during the remainder of the Course Selection Period but we recommend that you select your courses as early as possible as some courses may fill quickly.  You may make changes to your registration at any point between your start time and the end of the Course Selection Period.

What happens if I miss my Enrollment Appointment?

If you do not add courses during the specific date and time of your enrollment appointment you can still do so anytime during the remainder of the Course Selection Period (July 15 to August 1).  If you do not add courses within the Course Selection Period you may still add courses during the Open Enrollment Period which begins September 3.  However, please note that many courses may be full by this time as space is very limited.

Why do students have Enrollment Appointments?

All Arts and Science students are issued an Enrollment Appointment to ensure that they get access to the courses they require to graduate.  You will be issued an Enrollment Appointment each year you are registered at Queen’s.  The time of your appointment within the Course Selection Period will depend on which year of study you are entering into.  During the course selection period enrollment restrictions have been placed on courses to ensure that the students who need those courses to graduate will get them. These restrictions are removed during the open enrollment period and any spaces remaining are opened up to all Arts and Science students who possess the proper prerequisites.  Enrollment appointment times cannot be changed.


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