Step 7: Check Your Class Schedule

Once you have added your courses, you should click on “Class Schedule” to check your class schedule, make any needed changes and print it. 

Hint: View your schedule in “calendar mode” for a more visual picture of your week.  Make sure you keep your schedule handy when you arrive on campus! 

Some things to check when reviewing your schedule

Are any of your classes missing?  Check your shopping cart!  If there are still some courses in your shopping cart they haven’t been successfully added yet and you will need to proceed to checkout to add them.  Still not there?  Ensure that when you add courses, you see the green checkmark.  This means that the transaction was successful.  A red “X” means that there is an error and you need to try again or investigate further.

Are all of your courses correct?  Are these the courses you intend on taking?  Double check!

How do I change a lab or tutorial section?  Is there another lab or tutorial section that would work better in your schedule?  Go back to your Student Centre in SOLUS, and use the “edit” function to trade your current section ONE-TERM course section for another section.  Please note that this function is not available in multi-term courses (courses with an A and B section).

Where are my classes? 

Your schedule will include the rooms and buildings that your classes will take place in.  Where are these buildings?  Check the campus map:

I changed my mind about a course but the Enrollment Period is over.  Is it too late to switch?

If you are having second thoughts about your choices, you will have another opportunity to make changes during the Open Enrollment Period (September 4 to 20).  However, keep in mind that during this time most students will have already added their courses so any remaining space in classes is very limited!


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