Choose Your First Year Courses

These pages have been designed to give you information on all courses available to first year students in Arts and Science.  You can choose to review your course choices in three different ways:

Courses Available to First-Year Students in 2014-15

A "one-stop" chart outlining all of the first-year courses offered this year!

Choose Your Course... By Plan/Program

If you have a subject you want to study in mind, then the link above will tell you what courses you need in first year in order to study it in upper years. All students who have been admitted to direct entry Programs (Concurrent Education, Kinesiology, Bachelor of Music, and Physical and Health Education) should also follow this link.

Choose Your Course...By Subject

If you want to look up a particular course, or are confused about which course you should take in a particular subject, then follow this link for a detailed description of what each first year course can do for you.

A word about electives....

Electives are courses you choose freely that count toward your degree program.